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Google keywords research database

Get the full keywords database for a region you’re interested in. You’ll receive comprehensive insights and information for a single keyword. What we’ve included in the dataset:

  • Search volume information
  • Cost per click data
  • Competition level
  • Search volume trend for the last 12 months

Build your own keyword research tool:
Using a complete keywords database you’re able to build your own keyword research and suggestion tool. There are no limits for the specific number of requests, the whole database is in your hands. You can develop the tool for the end users or create a tool for the internal usage.

Keyword Database

It is a perfect choice for:

  • SEO software startups
  • Enterprise level SEO platforms
  • Big SEO agencies

Keywords and market analytics:
Keywords database is also an excellent possibility for market research companies that have needs in the analysis of keywords for their enterprise customers. With a complete database, you can make an unlimited number of researches more efficiently than ever before.

All database in your hands:
No need to count the number of calls made to API. Use the whole database with no limits.

Predictable cost:
It is very simple to calculate your spendings. No need to conduct hard maths. Pay once – use unlimited.

Best data:
You’ll get the freshest and most accurate data.

Friendly support:
We will assist you and answer all your questions. Our support team is available around-the-clock.

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